iRest SL-A38 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Buy Online at best price in UAE-Fitness Power House
  • iRest SL-A38 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • iRest SL-A38 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • iRest SL-A38 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • iRest SL-A38 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • iRest SL-A38 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

iRest SL-A38 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Model: SL-A38
AED 6,700
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The SL-A38 is the i-Rest's top massage chair. Designed to provide all the required massage functions to provide the user with the ultimate relaxation.

Please note: Warranty and services mentioned in the video are not applicable for GCC Countries.


  • Electrical voltage 220 - 230V 
  • It has a set of "hand" massage that moves vertically on four wheels.
  • Ability to imitate shiatsu massage techniques.
  • Automatic positioning of shoulder position.
  • Automatic massage function in 6 different modes.
  • It is possible to store programs in memory with the M1 and M2 keys.
  • Body Massage Body Massage with three options, fixed, partial and full massage, adaptable to five levels of speed. In "flappinng", "shiatsu" and "knocking" states, the width between the two spheres can be adjusted to three levels. Flat, medium and narrow.
  • Air massage massage function in three actions. All body with air pressure in arms (arm with 4 airbags, all arm with 8 airbags) and feet (with 16 airbags).
  • Optional volume control on three levels.
  • Designed with roller massage in the soles, two pairs of nipples for massaging the toes.
  • Back heating function. Source of infrared heating through carbon fiber.
  • Stylish blue LED light on the side.
  • The calf point can be extended to suit people of different heights.
  • With the zero space function, the back of the armchair rolls down to keep the armchair close to the wall for maximum space saving.
  • Ability to adjust the slope of the armchair as well as the legs.
  • The L shape of the back adjusts to the body curve and allows for a sense of lack of gravity.
  • Rated voltage 220V - 240V
  • Rated power 50-60Hz
  • Power 200W Consumption
  • Nominal working time 15 minutes
  • Security Design: Class I

This armchair is the iRest's best product, based on ergonomics and standard body therapy. The design takes into account the basic features of the human skeleton. All of this, combined with curve massage, standard physiology, magnetic therapy, a total of 28 airbags, 8 permanent magnets and 1 air pump, bring you the ultimate massage experience when you are at home, which helps to keep you healthy and active every day.

The innovative function is the one air pump, which can work synchronously and continuously to provide the necessary power for all 28 airbags. And relaxed massage and the one with strong pressure from the airbags, are expensive and unique, which allows you to enjoy a lively and gentle massage. 

iRest products use internationally-leading technologies such as 2D locating feature that locates body parts for body massage according to body distance from Fengchi's neck to the Yongquan point on the foot sole. It aims at more than 500 points in the body, therefore it offers professional and comfortable physical therapy, contributing to your revitalization and offering relief from dysphoria from various health problems. 

The function of saving space in the apartment ZERO SPACE 5 mm


An innovative feature that allows you to significantly save space in your home. Thanks to the CRADLE folding system, the iRest SL-A38 massage chair takes up a working position, leaning forward and back on the cradle principle, this helps minimize the distance from the wall. This function allows you to put the massage chair almost close to the wall, leaving only 5 cm.

Zero Gravity
When zero gravity starts, there is a tilt angle of about 118 degrees between the body and the legs. The position of the degrees and the gambs is higher than the position of the heart. The force of gravity from every part of the body is equally divided into the armchair, so that the whole body tension is released. This gives you a sense of lack of gravity to enjoy absolute relaxation without limitations. 

Zero Space
Designed to operate smoothly with a single button, the armchair can be placed just 5 centimeters away from the wall. When moving forward by 22 centimeters, the armchair opens the traditional attitude of the standard massage chair, which is limited by the space between the armchair and the wall. When the armchair flies, you may feel a feeling of swinging. 

L-shaped curve
After many studies, we ended up with a very long curved shape to increase the length of the armchair to 135 centimeters, allowing you to enjoy a personalized massage throughout the body. This helps you maintain the curved shape 'S'  of the vertebrae, which contributes to the relaxation of the spine and thus to relieving strained muscles. 

Guasha point foot massage
This feature mimics the touch of a human hand using advanced roller technology. The armchair offers Guasha massage like a professional masseur. With a 3cm radius of action, the massage focuses on the Youngquan point of the feet, either with a soft, steady massage, or with a gradually increasing intensity massage, which can bring unparalleled comfort and enjoyment. 

Air Massage Airbags of different shapes for calves, ankles and soles give you triple pleasure. The method of compressing, stopping and releasing air, stimulates Xuanzhog and Taixi acupuncture points, giving you relief and harmony. 

Magnetic therapy
Magnetic therapy with 8 magnet 300CC, located at strategic points, improves the low levels of magnetite in the body by stimulating the Chengshang and Zhonmai acupuncture points in the calves. 

Back massage range 
The clever mechanical hands can move along the body, neck, shoulders, back and waist. They can automatically position the body at an angle so that the range of massage varies from 21 cm to 135 cm in the horizontal position, where the back is fully covered. 

Massage from the airbags of the hands
Equipped with 12 airbags that are positioned based on the curve of the hand, so it offers to perform full massage at the Yangchi and Quichi points of the hands. Balanced three-dimensional drag, coming from inflated airbags, will revive you from hand to palm. 

Infrared heating by carbon fiber 
Back-heating function at 0 ° C-50 ° C, can relieve colds and back pain. The infrared wavelength emitted coincides with the heat wavelength of the human body. Thus, the injection can be absorbed by human cells, which activates the metabolism. 

Three-program storage mode
The possibility of storing three separate massage programs will cover your own needs and those of your family. Any combination of massage methods and functions you choose can be stored on the M1 / ​​M2 memory keys. All you have to do is press the key for two seconds and after listening to the sound, the auto memory function will be activated. 

Time adjustment mode 
You can select the time of your massage according to your requirements. 

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