360PTX Functional Trainer from BruteForce. The NEW 360PTX replaces all previous versions with all the same characteristics, plus MORE. The key addition is the 'Jammer Arm' dynamic device that transforms this already very usable computer into the most versatile unit on the market.

The weight stack shrouds/shields have been improved, added to the Track your Exercise blackboard, and extra resistance band peg positions. Not only does 360PTX deliver significantly more training options, but it has also gone to an even higher degree of appearance with the new Black frame and Copper trim color scheme. An increased 35 mm diameter of the Smith Machine bar increases the weight level by an additional 100 kgs. To allow you to work to your max the Functional Trainer Smith machine. Even with all of its features and all the functions it can achieve, it still only occupies; 1865mm (width) x 1560m (Depth) x 2160mm (height).

**Weight plates positioned on the smith machine bar are not included

BRUTEforce 360PTX Functional Trainer Features at a glance:

  • NEW: the Jammer Arm system transforms this machine and will transform your training program to a new level.
  • NEW: the increased height of the weight stack shrouds/shields for added protection and visual appearance.
  • NEW: ‘Track Your Workout’ board allows you to record PB’s, Reps, Sets, or anything else.
  • NEW: Extra positions for resistance band pegs.
  • Two precision cut steel 100kg pin select weight stacks.
  • Two weight stack ‘horns’ for extra weight plate loading.
  • Commercial Smith Machine with linear bearings.
  • Multi-Purpose Power Rack.
  • Commercial grade J Hooks and Spotting/safety arm.
  • Extreme Core Trainer (Fits Olympic and Regular size bars).
  • Five-way Multi Grip Chin Up Bar.
  • Adjustable/removable dipping handles.
  • Weight Bar Storage Holders.
  • Weight Plate Storage Rods.
  • Attachment Storage Holders.
  • Rubber band resistance/assistance pegs.
  • Fixing ring for TRX etc.
  • Includes 13 bars, handles, and harness attachments.
  • Main Frame is constructed from a 70mm x 50mm Steel tube. Front Pulley/Power rack upright post is 50mm x 50mm chromed steel tube. Spotter/Safety arms and J Hooks are constructed from 4mm thick quality steel.
  • Compact footprint: 1865mm (width, from ends of weight plate sleeves) x 1660mm (Depth) x 2175mm (height).
  • The Leg Press plate is included at no extra cost on this version.



360PTX Functional Trainer with Jammer ARMS

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Why the 360PTX is superior to all other functional trainer

Cross Over Pulley/Cable System

Has 2 x 100kg precision cut steel weight stacks with 5kg increments, Commercial Grade aircraft cable (rated 1000kg) and pop pin for quick and easy weight selection. Fitted with full commercial grade pulleys with sealed bearings for a smooth motion. The 360PTX is designed with 2:1 pulley ratio to ensure sufficient cable travel and to prevent weight stack ‘topping out’ when performing cable functional movements, crossover cables etc. To make sure even the strongest users have enough weight on the weight stacks a ‘horn attachment’ is included so extra weight can be added if required.

Commercial Smith Machine

Superior design and engineering ensure a safer and more natural range of movement when the body is in action. We only use the best 25mm self-aligning linear bearings. Also stainless steel safety pins, hardened chrome finish for all main moving ware parts and 8mm super strong stainless steel carabiners. The Smith Machine bar has an increased 35mm diameter improving the weight rating by an extra 100kgs. To allow you to work to your max the Functional Trainer Smith machine 360PTX has rubber resistance/assistance band pegs positioned and extending out along the front foot bar for extra training intensity..

Heavy Duty Power Rack

Fitted with “spotting arms” (safeties) and commercial grade J-Hooks which are quick and easy to remove and adjust. Both J-Hooks and “Spotting” arms have 8mm thick nylon stripes to prevent metal-to-metal contact and complete with safety pins.

Fixing Ring

For TRX etc is front and centre and offers a great fixing point for a variety of training tools.

Compact Footprint

Even with all of its features and all the functions it can achieve, it still only occupies; 1865mm (width, from ends of weight plate sleeves) x 1660m (Depth) x 2175mm (height).

Attachment Storage

For handles, harness, dipping grips and spotter arms all of which are included with our Functional Trainer Commercial 360PTX.

  1. Functional Bar
  2. Lat Pull Bar
  3. V Handle
  4. Anchor Securing System for Lat Pull Downs
  5. Short Tri/Bicep Bar
  6. A/B Stirrup Handle
  7. Tricep Rope
  8. A/B Resistance Band Pegs
  9. A/B Cable Handles
  10. Abdominal Crunch Belt
  11. Land mine/Core Trainer
  12. A/B Olympic Snap Lock Collars
  13. Ankle Cuff
  14. A/B J Hooks
  15. A/B Spotter/Safety Arms
  16. A/B Dipping Handles
  17. Leg Press Plate
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