• adaptable from 72 cm to 98 cm
  • Comes with elastic for barbell exercises

Now you can practice exercises at home with the Winmax Door Bar with elastic, practical and functional, promotes intense training for the upper limbs, and assists in the abdominal time. The Door Bar helps to further enhance the results, as you can start your activities at any time, ideal for lovers of physical activities, and also for those who do not have much time to attend a gym. It can be used for any type of training. 

The Winmax door bar has a foam-coated footprint, providing greater comfort and safety in training. The Winmax door bar is adaptable from 72 cm to 98 cm in length and supports up to 100 kg. Through this device, you can obtain the much desired body, an excellent physical condition, and an increase in your quality of life. Benefits: Practical, functional and easy to install; Enhances results; Muscle strengthening of the upper limbs and abdomen; Increased quality of life; Increased physical endurance; High quality steel, chrome; 


Maximum opening for door: 98cm

Maximum weight on the bar: 100kg

Weight of the bar: 1650g Accompanies manual. Comes with elastic band for exercises on the bar; 

Indication: For physical conditioning of the upper limbs, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. If attached to the bottom of the door, it can serve as a support for Abdominal. 100kg


Chin Pull Up Bar

Model : WMF54884
SAR 159
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