• Tiguar Ovoball (16.5 x 25 cm) - gymnastic ball
  • Tiguar Ovoball (16.5 x 25 cm) - gymnastic ball
  • Tiguar Ovoball (16.5 x 25 cm) - gymnastic ball

Tiguar Ovoball (16.5 x 25 cm) - gymnastic ball Olive

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Your perfect Pilates and workout ball. The Ovoball is your new companion that promotes your posture, core, and mobility.

Due to its elliptical shape, the ball offers new, diverse exercise options in the field of Pilates, spinal gymnastics, core training, and other coordinative exercises. This makes the training particularly efficient and varied. The exercises with this ball improve your posture and also enable significant improvements in the areas of coordination, strength, mobility, speed, and endurance. The Ovoball is the ideal companion for Pilates courses, toning and core training, and rehabilitation and therapy measures.

  • In an alternative elliptical shape for more application possibilities
  • Dimensions approx. 16.5 x 25 cm
  • Provides a variety of exercise options
  • Promotion of coordination, strength, mobility, speed, and endurance
  • Suitable for: Pilates, core training and rehabilitation and therapy measures

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Sometimes it takes really little to make your training interesting and very effective. And we have a great example for this - a small elliptical tiguar ovoball ball ("ovo" = egg), which by introducing a new stimulus to your training will help you increase their effectiveness.

All you need is this one inconspicuous piece of equipment that you can use anywhere to have a lot of opportunities to diversify your daily exercises and work even more effectively to achieve your training goals!

The power of instability

The ovoball ball is designed for strengthening and coordination exercises, helping to correct the body position in a natural way, teaching the exercisers precision of movement and correct posture that is safe for muscles and joints. The strength of the ball lies in its instability - thanks to the fact that in basic exercises you rest one arm or leg on it or put it under your back or buttocks, you get an unstable surface, thus engaging your whole body more strongly to maintain stability and correct position. When working with ovoball, you focus on slow and correct movement, having time and space to correct its irregularities.

Effective training with ovoball in all conditions

The ovoball ball is perfect for rehabilitation, stretching, Pilates, and also for relaxation. You can squeeze it, put pressure on it, grab it, lean on it, put it under your body. It is ideal for use both in group activities and in individual training, at home, and due to its small size and the ability to easily pump outdoors or away.

The ball is small and soft enough, but very durable, and its workmanship is solid and durable so that it can be used in fitness clubs and training studios, where it is used by many people for many hours a day. Ovoball, available in four unique colors, is also another phthalate-free tiguar equipment from our brand. Also, allergy sufferers do not have to worry about the possibility of using the ovoball, because it is latex-free and additionally covered with an anti-allergic coating. The ovoball can be used by people of all ages and skill levels, the maximum weight of a person exercising on an ovoball should not exceed 120 kg.


  • strengthening training
  • coordination training
  • rehabilitation
  • stretching


  • versatile use
  • high quality
  • unique colors
  • antiallergic coating
  • does not contain phthalates
  • latex free