• Tiguar Kettlebells With Base
  • Tiguar Kettlebells With Base
  • Tiguar Kettlebells With Base

Tiguar Kettlebells With Base 8 Kg

Model: TI-KB0008
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Kettlebells are ideal for full body training, core training and all functional training sessions.
With the Tiguar Kettlebells, someone really thought along! In order to protect the floor, the kettlebells have been equipped with a rubber foot, taking their ergonomic shape.

  • Robust and durable
  • Modern design
  • Enables diverse, varied strength training
  • Ideal for strengthening the back, leg, arm and shoulder muscles

All Tiguar kettlebell scales have rubber pads to prevent scratching the floor and stands.

Would you like to use the kettlebell for normal strengthening exercises such as front raises, bicep curls or similar dumbbell exercises? Then you should be able to do the exercises at least 5-8 times properly. Choose the right weight for your kettlebell training. Better a little too little than too much.

Training Everyone Can Benefit

Although free weights are associated with demanding training for people with a high level of advancement, the versatility and, above all, the effectiveness of kettlebell exercises means that everyone should include them in their training. The most popular exercises using kettlebells, such as swings, are multi-joint exercises, so they are great for general development training. The availability of low weights and the friendly colors and design of tiguar kettlebells make it easy for beginners to reach for them. On the other hand, those who have strength training in their little finger appreciate the additional stimulus of an unstable weight that makes it difficult to work even in the best exercise so far. Work on the form and figure never ends, and exercises with kettlebells are an irresistible challenge for your body!

Kettlebells of the highest quality

Tiguar kettlebell is a kettle with the most optimal shape and ergonomic handle, which guarantee comfortable training in the gym, in the training studio, in group classes as well as at home. To protect the floor in the place where you exercise, we have installed special rubber pads in our kettles. However, if you decide that you do not need them - you can unscrew them at any time and put them back on at any time. On the other hand, to increase the durability of the surface of the kettles themselves, protecting them against scratches and padding, we have covered weights from 4 to 12 kg with vinyl, the color of which, as well as the size of the kettlebell, which increases with increasing weight, inform you about the load with which you exercise .

To keep order in the gym, fitness room or training studio, store the kettle on the small tiguar smart rack or the large tiguar brave rack.


  • endurance and strength training
  • body shaping
  • work on coordination and stabilization


  • removable pad to prevent damage to the floor
  • friendly design and colors
  • optimal size
  • ergonomic profiling of the handle