• Tiguar Medicine Ball With Handles
  • Tiguar Medicine Ball With Handles
  • Tiguar Medicine Ball With Handles

Tiguar Medicine Ball With Handles 6 Kg

Model: TI-PLU006
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  • Rough surface allowing a firm grip
  • comfortable handles in higher weights
  • unique design and colors

You can use medicine balls as a load in exercises in a standing, sitting and lying position, you can use them for exercises in supports, as well as for pairs of throws. However, they should not be thrown against the wall or the floor. Tiguar wall ball HARD balls are intended for throws against the wall, and tiguar slam balls for throws against the floor.


Tiguar medicine balls, made of rubber and filled with air, are functional equipment that allows you to effectively strengthen the entire body.

The number of exercises that the Medicine Ball can help you increase your muscle strength and improve your overall fitness is endless. In addition, the availability of as many as 10 weights, from 1 to 10 kg, allows gradual progress and adaptation of a specific weight to your needs and capabilities.

Convenience in every gram

Our balls for strengthening and rehabilitation exercises, also helpful in working on coordination and endurance, are covered with a rough rubber surface, preventing them from slipping out of the hands. Thanks to this, your grip is sure, and you can focus on what is most important, i.e. on the appropriate technique and pace of exercises. The small diameter of the balls in weights from 1 to 4 kg allows you to comfortably hold the ball in your hands, and for even greater comfort during training with higher weights, we have equipped the balls from 5 to 10 kg with comfortable handles. Thanks to this design, tiguar medicine balls are modern not only in design but also in their functionality!

  • 5 kg - plum (with handles)
  • 6 kg - marine (with handles)
  • 7 kg - olive (with handles)
  • 8 kg - light gray (with handles)
  • 9 kg - raspberry (with handles)
  • 10 kg - eggplant (with handles)

During use

Store away from UV rays, and organic and inorganic solvents. After use, it is good to wipe the ball with a damp cloth and put it to dry in a suitable place.