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Tiguar Powerband GT Level 2

Model: PB-GT0002
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Power band stretching:

  • Purple: Width: 13 mm, 4 - 15 kg.
  • Navy: 22 mm wide, 8 - 30kg.
  • Olive: 32 mm wide, 12 - 45 kg.
  • Grey: 44 mm BR

Thanks to four levels of resistance, they can be easily selected depending on the needs of the practitioner and the level of advancement. Their innovation lies in the pioneering system of marking the degree of resistance of the rubber, which indicates how much force still needs to be put into its optimal stretching during exercise.

Tiguar Power Band GT are special straps that were created in cooperation with Jakub Podgór ski concept, the inventor of the power band GT loudspeakers, carried out on the newest synthetic materials. These extremely durable bands are designed to be put not only in power bands training but can also be used for many types of sports where motor skills play a significant role,. Four different resistance levels make it easy, any hard training that matches with its power band fitness level and the exercise as well as matching GT to find.

The innovative power bands are equipped with a new system know how much you kg force to used at the moment. At the same time thanks to the length of the power bands.

Available in the following variants:

I. level – Power Band, Purple: Light intensity.

Just the thing for beginners and complex exercises, full of movement.

II level – Power Band, Blue: Medium intensity.

The Universal Strap for most user's requirements. Excellent for Partner exercises.

III level power band Olive –: Heavy Resistance.

Mainly used for strength training programs for men and women. Made for the advancing student. Is also often used in Mobility Power Band courses.

IV level – Power Strap – Grey: Very Heavy Resistance.

Suitable for men and intermediate female power band strength training. It will also work very well as a counterweight during dynamic or speed-strength exercises.