• Comes with a remarkably powerful and safe punching bag to add variety to your workouts
  • Built strong with commercial fixtures
  • Help you save money and space
  • You can perform more than 200 different exercises to reach your fitness goals
  • Tested by Elite Athletes and Trainers
  • Convenient assembly and installation
  • Provides clear and simple assembly instructions
  • Brand Origin: USA

The Force USA team's compact and reasonably priced all-in-one trainer will upgrade your home or studio gym. Your HG350 Home Gym has a multi-station setup that enables you to perform a huge variety of full-body exercises, including Chest Press, Pec Deck, Lat Pulldown, Ab Crunches, Preacher Pad for bicep curls, Low Row, Leg Extensions, Vertical Leg Raises, Dips, plus a high-performance Punching Bag to add cardio to your workouts. It also has a smooth aircraft-rated cable system and a 67kg/147lbs.

Your Fitness Revolution Starts Now

You can carry out more than 200 different exercises with the Force USA HG350 Home Gym to achieve your strength and fitness objectives. You can strengthen and tone your entire body, add muscle mass, and enhance your overall fitness with the adaptable, multi-purpose set-up.

Add this commercial-grade all-in-one machine to your home or studio gym and say goodbye to your pricey gym membership or having to buy individual pieces of equipment.

Add Boxing to Your Workouts

An incredibly sturdy and safe punching bag is included with the HG350 Home Gym to add variety to your workouts. The bag is held in place by a cord and carabiner, allowing you to punch forcefully without worrying that it will swing into your machine. This is the ideal way to transition from strength to cardio.

Built Tough With Commercial Fixtures

The HG350 Home Gym is built to last, just like every piece of equipment produced by Force USA. You can train hard and have complete confidence in every component because the equipment is of superior commercial grade.

You can experience the utmost comfort and durability throughout every session thanks to its sturdy steel frame and tear-resistant seat fixed with deluxe upholstered cushioning.

Save Space and Money

This Force USA all-in-one-trainer is ideal for anyone who has a garage, apartment, or studio gym setup. Its small footprint (168 (L) 150 (W) cm) allows you to save space and avoid having to buy separate pieces of equipment that perform the same function.

Tested By Elite Athletes and Trainers

The research and development team at Force USA is made up of serious weightlifters, trainers, and athletes who put every piece of gear through a rigorous testing process. In order to help you achieve your strength and fitness goals more quickly, Force USA conducts relentless quality testing on all of its products, including the HG350 Home Gym.

Convenient Installation and Assembly

You can hire a personal technician to come to your home or studio and assemble the HG350 Home Gym for you so that you can start working out as soon as possible.

Additionally, Force USA offers clear and simple assembly instructions to assist you in putting together your new trainer. The majority of customers can put the entire machine together over the course of two days with the aid of another person.

Force USA

HG350 Home Gym

Model : F-HG350
AED 6,521
AED 7,245
(Inclusive of VAT)
(10% Off)
Standard Delivery: Between 22 Jul - 24 Jul


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Dimensions 168 x 150 x 216cm (LWH)
Product Weight 60 Kg
Boxing Bag 4 foot + 25 Kgs
Weight Stack 67 Kg
Max User Weight 120 Kg
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