• Tiguar Mini Bands (Set - 4 Levels Of Resistance)
  • Tiguar Mini Bands (Set - 4 Levels Of Resistance)
  • Tiguar Mini Bands (Set - 4 Levels Of Resistance)
  • Tiguar Mini Bands (Set - 4 Levels Of Resistance)

Tiguar Mini Bands (Set - 4 Levels Of Resistance)

Model: TI-MB0001-V2
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Practical training bands that enable increasing the effectiveness of the exercises by adding the resistance. Mini bands can be used in personal training and during the rehabilitation. They significantly increase the effectiveness of upper and lower body parts. When used for such workout, they additionally help to activate core muscles, synergistic muscles and stabilizing muscles in the area of hips and arms. Due to its ergonomics, they can be used everywhere – at home, in the field, in the fitness studio and on a journey.

Sizes and colours include:

level 1 — purple
level 2 — marine
level 3 — olive
level 4 — grey

Please note: Warranty and services mentioned in the video are not applicable for GCC Countries.


It is no wonder that mini bands are the most-bought equipment in our store. They are suitable for everyone, easy to use, take up virtually no space, and the price-to-vast ratio of possibilities offered by their use during training makes it the most profitable purchase for your home gym.

tiguar mini bands is a set of four practical training bands that allow you to increase the effectiveness of exercises by adding resistance to them. Exercising with the thinnest rubber in the kit is like exercising with a weight starting from 2.5 kg, and with the thickest rubber - up to 11 kg. It all depends on which band you choose for your exercises and how much you stretch it (remember not to stretch the bands more than 300% of their length).

Huge number of mini bands applications

Tiguar mini bands are used by both amateurs and athletes, both in personal training and in group activities. Physiotherapists are also eager to reach for them, who want to help their patients recover from injuries and injuries in a safe way thanks to light loads. Mini bands also help in restoring the correct movement patterns.

Training equipment that can be with you anytime, anywhere

Thanks to its handiness and minimal size of the tiguar mini bands you can have it with you wherever you need it. You can always keep them in your car or backpack, take them to outdoor training or the gym. It is also a great option when you are away and packing larger equipment is impossible or simply inconvenient.

Efficiency regardless of the training goal

Adding resistance to exercises increases their effectiveness, helping you achieve the results you want faster. With mini bands you can perform an effective training strengthening and modeling specific parts of the body and improve your stabilization by strengthening the deep muscles. It is also a great device for learning exercises - before you get too heavy, try to work on the appropriate technique with the use of tapes. Mini bands are also ideal for muscle activation during warm-up. Four different resistance levels in one kit make it easy to graduate the difficulty of your exercises and select the right load for your goals and abilities.

High quality

tiguar mini bands are made of high quality 100% natural latex that guarantees high durability. Since their introduction to our portfolio in 2017, we have been constantly working with us to provide them with the appropriate quality in the production process, which is why today we can boast the most durable version of our bestseller!


  • strengthening training
  • stabilizing training
  • body shaping
  • warm-up
  • rehabilitation


  • versatility
  • durability
  • the ability to easily scale the level of exercise intensity thanks to the four levels of resistance available in the kit
Warranty 6 Months
Levels of Resistance 4
Circumference 50cm
Material 100% Natural Latex
Uses Strength Training, Stabilization training, Body Shaping, Warm Up.