• Tiguar Power Gym - 18kg Set
  • Tiguar Power Gym - 18kg Set
  • Tiguar Power Gym - 18kg Set
  • Tiguar Power Gym - 18kg Set
  • Tiguar Power Gym - 18kg Set
  • Tiguar Power Gym - 18kg Set

Tiguar Power Gym - 18kg Set

Model: TI-PG004
AED 466
(Inclusive of VAT)

The iconic tiguar power gym barbell is an indispensable piece of equipment in group training. Regardless of the age and sex of the users, it significantly improves the durability of their muscles, allows them to burn fat and sculpts their bodies. The hexagonal shape of the plates prevents the barbell from rolling, and their special grips make it possible to perform additional exercises.

  • 2x 1.25 kg (purple)
  • 2x 2.5 kg (marine)
  • 2x 4.5 kg (grey)
  • Bar 140 cm, Weight :1.6 kg — grafit;
  • 2 quick lock collars (olive + grey)

BAR/COLLARS: POLAND(Country of Origin)

WEIGHTS: CHINA(Country of Origin)


Training with a barbell is a fantastic way to shape the strength and appearance of the whole body - not only in the gym!

The smaller, handy and space-saving fitness bar is the perfect solution for people exercising at home, as well as for group classes. Our iconic tiguar power gym barbell with a complete set of weights and innovative, extremely easy-to-use clamps are a way to full-fledged strength training regardless of the situation.

Barbells - indispensable equipment for training

Many people cannot imagine a decent workout without exercising with a barbell. Nothing unusual! Regardless of the age and sex of the exercisers, training with its use greatly increases the strength endurance of the muscles, allows you to burn fat, shape the body and simply feel the irreplaceable "power" that is given by measuring free weights.


Innovative tiguar bar clamps

Depending on your level of advancement and the muscle part to which you devote a given exercise, you can properly adjust the load by changing the plates on the bar. Thanks to our innovative clamps, whose design is so easy to handle, you'll wonder why no one thought it up before - it will take you no more than a few seconds to change the load! Tiguar clamps work perfectly with our barbell, guaranteeing fast, safe and secure mounting of the plates. Our goal is to make our clamps better than any other on the market: they can't draw a barbell, they have to secure the plates securely, they work easily and intuitively in the hands, and they look attractive - and we've achieved it all.

Choice for years

The tiguar fitness barbells produced in Poland are high-quality equipment that will work well in training at the gym, at home and in group classes, guaranteeing many years of durability during hundreds of your workouts. Thanks to the use of the handles in the plates, you will be able to use them independently as an additional load during various exercises, which will affect the number of possibilities offered by the choice of barbells for your home gym, not allowing you to get bored with this equipment. In turn, in a fitness club, our fitness barbells will extend their service life thanks to convenient and safe storage on the tiguar smart or tiguar brave racks.


  • strengthening training
  • body shaping
  • group classes
  • strength training


  • high quality
  • ergonomic design
  • hexagonal shape of the plates to prevent the bar from rolling
  • disc holders allowing to use them as independent loads
  • no sharp edges
  • non-slip surface of the bar and loads
  • unique colors
  • the only clamps that are so convenient to use on the market
  • can be stored on tiguar smart or tiguar brave racks

The set consists of:

  • 2 x 4.5 kg plate - gray
  • 2 x 2.5 kg plate - sea
  • 2 x plate 1.25 kg - plum
  • bar - weight approx. 1.1 kg; length: 140 cm; diameter: 2.5 cm
  • 2 x clamp
  • weight of the whole set: approx. 18.1 kg


  • neck - steel
  • plates - PES / PP, filled with cement

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