Professional Quality Bristle Board Super Dense Quality Sisal From Africa That Improves Lifespan Fade Resistant Colours Free Fitting Brackets & Screws

The Yorkshire Dartboard is similar to the standard board except that there are no trebles ring, and no outer circle to the bull's eye. The 50 scoring bull is also smaller than on the standard dartboard.

The Yorkshire Darts board is hung so that the centre is 5ft 6ins (1.676m) higher than the ground level at the throwing line, and the throwing line or 'oche' is 7ft 2ins (2.184m) from the board.
The diagonal distance from the centre of the bull to the throwing line at floor level is 9ft (2.743m).


Yorkshire Dartboards

Model : WIN-DB-3035
AED 335
AED 515
(Inclusive of VAT)
(35% Off)
: Between 19 Jun - 20 Jun


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