• ReAthlete Fold Massage Gun & Charging Stand

ReAthlete Fold Massage Gun & Charging Stand

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Muscle pain and stiffness put a cramp in your daily routine and can lead to chronic pain, restrictions in mobility, anxiety, dependency on painkillers, and pricey visits to massage therapists and chiropractors. The ReAthlete FOLD Percussive Massager is here to provide you with an alternative, natural solution to alleviate pain and muscle discomfort anywhere, anytime. This massager has 4 versatile speeds that meet all your needs. Its ergonomic arm can open up to either a 45° or 90° angle so you can get to all those hard-to-reach areas. With 5 interchangeable heads, you can experience precise muscle targeting.

Meet FOLD: A Compact Massage Gun

FOLD is a foldable deep-tissue massage therapy gun created to help you cope with daily stress and exhausting exercises. Made by ReAthlete, well-known deep muscle massage experts, this gun massager is designed for professional athletes but can be used by anyone.

Among massagers, handheld devices are becoming more and more popular, but even a handheld massager can be bulky, especially if it’s a real massage gun: deep tissue massager. We at ReAthlete addressed the need for a deep massage gun that you can carry around conveniently and developed FOLD: a compact tool that is nonetheless just as powerful as other professional massagers, handheld deep tissue guns, and percussive massagers.

Thoughtfully designed, this rechargeable and portable deep tissue massager is perfect as a percussion massager for faster post-workout recovery, pre-workout warm-ups, or general muscle pain relief.

REATHLETE FOLD is a percussive therapy device designed to be your go-to personal, powerful, and portable pain relief solution.

The arm of the FOLD personal massager unfolds at two possible angles (45° and 90°) to let you target every inch of your muscles and to reach all the areas of your body.

Fold is a compact, relatively small massage gun, but it is still as powerful as any professional massage gun for athletes. Take it with you wherever you go!

Best of all- You Can Take It Anywhere Pain can sneak up on us no matter where we are, that's why we've designed REATHLETE FOLD to fold up and travel with you. The premium hard case will keep your device and all its accessories safe.

Our premium long-life battery makes it simple to plan and organize a muscle recovery session wherever you are. Use the muscle massager for up to 6 hours on a single charge (3 hours at top speed): that’s enough time even for a full-body massage!

The FOLD gun massager has an intuitive interface with light indicators built into its central part to display the current speed. Another light indicator is at the base of the handle: it warns you when the battery is low.

The body massager comes in a premium hard case, so you can take this portable massage gun anywhere with ease and comfort! Alternatively, you can fold it and put it into your bag or purse so that it’s even more convenient to carry around.

The new motor of this deep muscle massager gun is almost silent yet very powerful! Unlike a simple massage gun for athlete needs, which may have different speeds but make a little impact because the differences are barely noticeable, FOLD features a wide range of available revolutions per minute (RPM) divided into four speeds from 1200 to 3200 RPM, and their force is from 35 to 60 Lbs to let you really benefit from deep tissue relaxation!

An average deep muscle massager will probably produce a pretty loud noise. FOLD is quiet: 35 to 50 dB only! Yet its percussion massage gun qualities are not compromised: it’s still a professional massage gun for athletes. Enjoy this percussive muscle therapy gun at home, in a gym, or in the office without getting a headache or disturbing your family members, housemates, or co-workers with all the noise.

The right amplitude is the key to reaching deep into the muscles. Most vibration massagers with the 10-12 mm stroke simply don’t exert the right effect. They massage just the surface. The ReAthlete FOLD deep tissue massager will actually reach those sore muscles, stubborn knots, and trigger points. With 14 mm amplitude, it delivers the real results unlike a vibration-based massage machine.

Powerful and optimized for best results!

If you are looking for a neck massager, hand massager, leg massager, shoulder massager, or back massager for back pain – look no further as you have just found the right device for all of those and more! The benefits of the percussive treatment are numerous: sore muscles, chronic tightness in your hamstrings, compression damage, tendon strains, and inflammation can all be wiped away with the daily use of our percussion massage gun!

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